This was our final project for the WordPress section of our program, and focused primarily on technical objectives. We were required to create custom post types, customize the dashboard, create and output custom fields, use plug-ins, and learn how to style from a blank starter theme. I used _s (Underscores) for this, which gave me a very bare bones template to develop from. The styling is quite bland, as the focus was primarily on the functionality of WordPress. The original exercise required us to create a "school" website, showing students, faculty and class schedules, but I got permission to modify this slightly, as I plan to return to this project after the program and turn it into a personal blog.

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Unfortunately, I was not able to dedicate as much time to this project as I would have liked. Due to the timeline, I had 2 relatively difficult projects due within the same week, so my main focus was on meeting the criteria and learning the back-end skills. As a result, the aesthetic of the site is quite sloppy. I plan on using this theme for my own personal blog, in which I discuss and showcase my personal hobby projects. After my program is over, this will be the first thing I tackle. I plan on doing a complete redesign, starting from scratch. The code is solid, so I have some good bones to work with, but I will go back to the drawing board in terms of design and come back with something outstanding to begin building my online presence with. Stay tuned!