HTML/CSS Project 1

This project was my first assignment in the program, and is relatively basic. The objective was to create an informative website on the topic of a country of our choosing, using HTML and CSS. We began work on this on the first day of class, and it was due just over two weeks later. I chose Madagascar because of the incredible endemic wildlife that lives there. I paid extra attention to using semantic HTML tags, and added small extra touches such as images that would open in a new tab at full resolution, hovers on links, and a fixed header image. Initially the site wasn't responsive. A few weeks later, our third project was to go back to this website and make it fully responsive.

desktop screenshot of Madagascar project mobile screenshot of Madagascar project

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This project was a great introduction to the world of web development. Looking back, I would have went with a more modern design, although I am happy with the colours and layout as it is. This project set me up nicely as a developer in the sense that I was able to use solid basic skills that are the building blocks of writing good code, such as semantic HTML tags. If I were to do it now, I'd likely use less brown, incorporate some animations, and design the website mobile first. As you can see, I did like the simple fixed navigation in the top, and reimagined it for my portfolio with a bit more flair. Overall I am pleased with the quality of my very first fully functioning website, and feel like it set me up with a great foundation.